Ashly CLX-52 Stereo/Dual Peak Compressor/Limiter


The CLX-52 is a 2-channel, universal peak-sensitive automatic gain control (AGC) device with exceptional audio performance, precise controls and rugged durability. The CLX-52 uses an “infinite soft-knee” characteristic and timing based on compression ratio. This, combined with a dual release time, allows program density to increase as the input signal increases. The result is a peak controller with very low noise, smooth sound, and excellent stereo tracking without the usual “constricted” limiter sound. Front panel controls allow you to set input gain, threshold, ratio, attack time, release time and output level. Additional front panel features are an in/out switch for each channel, stereo tie switch and eleven-step LED meters for gain reduction and input or output level. All audio connections are XLR, ¼” TRS and euroblock. Each channel has a TRS insert detector patch point which can be used as a “ducking” input, or in conjunction with an equalizer to produce frequency-sensitive limiting. A unique feature of CLX-52 is the incorporation of a Double Release Time Constant. When a conventional compressor/limiter is adjusted for slow release times, transients such as mic “pops” may cause a severe reduction in gain followed by a slow fade up, making the action of the limiter very obvious. With the Double Release Time Constant, release from gain reduction after a brief transient is always fast, with a slower release after a sustained overdrive. The CLX-52 is a versatile and highly listenable compressor/limiter suitable for use in professional sound reinforcement, recording and broadcasting. CLX-52 Features: • Double Release Time Constant • Peak compression circuitry • Compression ratio variable from 2:1 thru ∞:1 • Precision 11-step LED gain reduction, input/output meters • Over 60dB of gain reduction • Extremely low noise and distortion • Calibrated threshold control • Detector loop patch point • Input/output meter switch • Stereo tie switch • Active balanced inputs • Servo-balanced outputs • XLR, TRS 1/4”, and Euroblock connectors • Universal 100-240VAC internal power supply • Safety/Compliance: cTUVus, CE, FCC, RoHS

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