Microh LED Arena 150 Follow Spot


The LED ARENA 150  is a high output LED Follow Spot.  This unit has high grade optics to allow it to deliver output brighter than a discharge 575 unit. The compact design allows the user to easily control the unit. Ideal for Small Theaters, Schools and Small Stage Shows. Comes with stand.

Light Source: 150W White LED

Lamp Life: 20,000 Hours

Beam angle: 12°

Iris: 5-100% linearly adjustable

Focus: Manual focus

Dimmer: 0-100% linearly adjustable

One Color wheel with 6 colors( white+ red+ green+ blue+ yellow+ orange )

One CTO: Color temperature filter, 6500K,4500K,3200K

Housing: Compact housing with lower weight.

Control panel with bottoms and faders

Output distance: 40m

Voltage: AC90-240V, 50/60Hz, 200 Watt

Dimension: L530 x W325 x H190 (mm)

Weight (not including stand): 11kg