Microh Spitfire RGB DMX Laser Effect


The SPITFIRE RGB 750mw RGB scanning laser unit is a bright DMX controlled laser projector. With the RGB Diodes you can colour mix to create almost any colour you are looking for. The unit comes with build in images that you can call up via DMX. You can adjust the X and Y and scanning rate to change the look of the images to make fantastic effects. You have full control over each laser diode and can also increase the image size via DMX. 


Laser Output - 750mw, 300mw Red 650nm, 50mw Green 532nm, 200mw Blue 450nm

Diode Life - 6000hrs

Control - DMX, Sound Active and Auto

DMX Channels - 13

Dimensions - 253mm x 198mm x 172mm

Power - 100 - 240V 50/60hz 60 Watt

Weight - 3.5kgs