Pioneer DJM-750-K 4 channel DJ mixer (black)


The “BOOST COLOR FX” feature makes it possible to highlight exciting parts of music and add breaks, with simple controls just by intuitively rotating a single knob. The range of musical arrangements possible is expanded thanks to the ability to change parameters of effects linked to the speed of knob rotation.
The “DJM-750” includes the highly rated “SOUND COLOR FX” from Pioneer’s DJ mixers, which can be used while switching between this feature and “BOOST COLOR FX” to suit the music and mood.

The device is loaded with a “BEAT EFFECT” function that has 13 types of effects, and these can be combined with “BOOST COLOR FX” and “SOUND COLOR FX” to produce approximately 100 types of effects, enabling highly original remixes.


  • With a built-in USB sound card enabling simultaneous input-output of stereo signals for four inputs and four outputs*2, 24bit/96kHz high-sampling processing enables various sound signals to be input-output with no deterioration in sound quality.
  • Support for three sampling rates (96kHz/48kHz/44.1kHz) and ASIO/Core Audio standards*3 means that this device can be used not only for DJ play, but also for music recording and production.
  • By using the setup utility tool*4 installed on a PC, the signal output path from the mixer can be simply modified as necessary.
  • The USB port is positioned on top of the device for easy swapping of connectable devices.

As well as adopting high sound quality parts such as the 32bit Digital Sound Processor from Pioneer’s professional DJ/club-oriented “DJM-900NXS” DJ mixer, the “DJM-750” also delivers playback faithful to the original sound thanks to the low-jitter crystal oscillator installed in the clock of its audio circuits. Sound quality is further improved with the adoption of high sound quality parts with SEND/RETURN circuit parts.