Pioneer DJM-900NEXUS-K 4-channel professional DJ mixer, audio interface and MIDI controller (black)


Equipped with a USB sound card*1 that can simultaneously input and output stereo sound from 4 input and 4 output terminals. The sound card supports signal processing at a high resolution of 24 bit/96 kHz and can input and output each audio signals without degrading quality. Furthermore, the setting utility tool*2 for PCs makes it possible to change the output signal path from the mixer to accommodate various situations, including DJing, track recording, and other work. Furthermore, smooth transitions between DJs are possible thanks to the USB ports installed on the unit’s top surface.

SOUND COLOR FX adds three new types of effects (SPACE, DUB ECHO, and GATE/COMP) to the conventional FILTER, CRUSH, and NOISE effects. Simply turn the knob to achieve the desired effect. This makes various types of remixes possible, including adding original arrangements to songs. The BEAT EFFECT function also has two new effects (SPIRAL and MELODIC), which opens up a wider spectrum of song arrangements. The mixer is also equipped with an X-PAD for intuitive touch operation. The X-PAD makes it possible to manipulate multiple parameters simultaneously and achieve the desired performance.

Equipped with the same audio input and output circuits as Pioneer’s flagship DJM-2000, achieving accurate reproduction of the original sound. Using the same parts as high-grade audio devices, such as a 32-bit D/A converter that greatly increases sound quality, not only for the master output, but also for headphone and booth output. The 32-bit digital signal processor also controls digital noise. Additionally, the high performance 32 bit digital signal processor suppresses digital noise, and even analog circuit noise is reduced by using high sound quality balanced hybrid operation amps as well as full balanced output circuits.

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