Hall Research Analog VGA over UTP (CAT5e/6) (with Audio and RS-232)


The Model UV232A Kit is used to send high resolution video, Audio (L+R Mixed) and uni-directional RS-232 over a single twisted-pair cable to a remote location up to 500 feet away.

The input video can be from a RGBHV (PC video to WUXGA) or YPbPr (HD analog component to 1080p).

DDC compliant EDID emulation assures proper PC boot-up with video output.

The Uni-directional RS-232 can be used to control LCD’s or Projectors that have RS-232 control.

Applications include kiosk solutions, conference halls, digital signage, interactive operator systems, factory or laboratory data acquisition and control, and more.

When the Sender is powered from a VESA compliant VGA source (+5v on Pin 9)  a power supply (included) is only required at the Receiver. If the source is not VESA compliant in that regard, or if the video is YPbPr (using a 3 RCA to HD15 input cable), then a power supply (included) is needed at both Sender and Receiver.

The kit includes a local unit (Sender) that includes a VGA & serial cables, plus a remote unit (Receiver) with two power supplies.