K & M Performance microphone stand with round base (black) 26250


2-piece, folding lightweight microphone stand with slender one-hand adjustment mechanism and round anti-vibration base (black).

Base Diameter: 275mm

Height: 1055 - 1750mm

Weight: 2.99 kg

The practical one-hand microphone stand »Performance« impresses through its reliability and functionality. The stable combination of high quality round-shaped rods and the elegant one-hand adjustment present a harmonious overall appearance. Also in connection with the classic König & Meyer expandable boom, the stand's elegant design is not diminished in any way. With the practical one-hand system the height of the stand can adjusted smoothly and silently (no scratching noises). The ingenious steel base with its elegant plastic cover provides more stability even though the base is much lighter. A circular rubber insert ring on the base also reduces unwanted vibrations and foot traffic noise, even when the stand is placed in extreme positions. In addition, the floor (e.g. wood floor) is protected from possible damage.